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This clip is from about 1987 at Horwich Leisure Centre.  Geoff, Roy and Andy were great students performed fantastic at all the demo's we did all over the north west of England.                                                        

Welcome to

Shinji-Ru Karate Association website

               Chief Instructor Tom Scott 8th Dan                        Shukokai Karate, (over 40 yrs experience).

     PRIVATE LESSONS REALISTIC SELF DEFENCE TECHNIQUES          to suit individual taste,   

Pad Work, Punching and Kicking Combinations.  Weapon training, Stick fighting, Pressure points and Balance points explained, small groups welcome, all ages welcome.

Your venue or home for one to one instruction.

DBS disclosure, work place First Aid.

Need more information, please phone Tom, 07515812851 or Email

Our Karate clubs,  Heald Green, Romiley, Stockport area. offers training for individuals and groups

in the following discipline:

  • Shukokai Karate
  • Weapon training
  • Kyusho techniques.

Clubs in the Greater Manchester areas

5 to 10 year old (Cadets)  10 to 16 year old (juniors),

the important qualities of respect, self control and confidence. 

Plus they will learn great character and self-defence skills.


For the Adults, Exciting lessons, fitness, Shukokai Karate, 

Kyusho - Jitsu, (self defence), Competition techniques,

Iaido, (Samurai sword), Nunchaku, Escrima (Stick Fighting),

First Aid Courses, Instructor Courses.


Clubs in the Greater Manchester area, Blackpool, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, England, UK


Instructors checked NSPCC/CPSU Endorsed Child Protection Policy
D.B.S. Disclosure and Barring Service


Available for all Groups. Tel: 07515812851


SHINJI-RU "to have faith and confidence in"


Formed 1985, joined  Federation of English Karate Organisations 1986.    


NSPCC Child Protection HELPLINE  0808 800 5000

Training with Sensei Nambu and Sensei Roy Stanhope Mid Eighties.